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Did you know if it wasn’t for 5g, COVID-19 wouldn’t have spread at all?

And what about Trump winning the 2020 American elections?

Just kidding!

The Internet has become the Bhagavad Gita, the Kuran and the Bible of our generation.

From elections to diseases, every single conceivable topic is surrounded by a ton of myths. And the Internet is no strange avenue to myths.

Did you know the amount of data we use each day is about 2.5 quintillion bytes? (FYI, that’s 2.5 followed by 18 zeros)

All of these factors tell us one thing — We’re consuming a lot…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you must have heard Instagrammers telling you to find your passion. It’s something that’s been thrown around the internet like a sack of crap. How exactly do you “find your passion”? Maps? Clues? Crazy 14th-century indecipherable codes? We’re willing to give everything to find it. But what if passion could never be found? What if passion can be cultivated? With several misconceptions orbiting cyberspace we should decapitate some of them.


It’s funny, we think of passion as a long lost treasure. But it’s something that lies inside of us…

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We think boatloads of money, huge creepy houses and devouring buckets of ice cream will make us happy. Sometimes it does, often it doesn’t. But what if there’s a static metric for happiness? A way to ensure that we enjoy the lives we live. To understand this let’s take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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I sensed a pair of eyes staring at me while I was tying my shoelaces. I turned around to find my half-filled coffee cup lying on the table as my two-year-old looked at me with bright eyes. In a hurry, I kissed him threw my coffee mug into the sink 15-feet across my bedroom and rushed out of the house. Stuck in traffic within the next 5 minutes I searched for my phone. Shit! It’s back at the house. I turned my bike around revving the accelerator like a maniac I reached my home.

As I was about to unlock…

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Becoming a scientist is one of the challenging missions you could undertake. And being one who is funded to think is unfathomable. You have to be a bad-ass when it comes to thinking, with years of experience under your belt. You make theorems, chemicals and modified DNA strains that change the way the world works. And you find immense pleasure wet-dreaming your beds about calculus or periodic tables.

John was one such guy. He was Mr.Smartypants, has 29 years’ experience, and was funded by a big, multi-million dollar company. He attempted to devise a chemical formula for creating a stain-proof…

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With celebrities grammin’ their “ideal” lives with museum-ish houses and giant yachts that make the titanic pee its pants, it’s easy to be carried away with what’s fundamental. We crave for badass houses, sexy cars and BOATLOADS of money. The lines between essential and luxury are far beyond blurred (hell it looks like a broken screen). How do we stop taking things for granted? How exactly do we feel grateful?


Are you the cool guy with fancy smartphones? The one who unlocks the phone just by looking?

Have you’ve ever been on the internet, the one the whole world talks…

In the movie Don Jon, the protagonist Jon Martello (a real good guy), but loves girls and porn obsessively. He meets Barbara (a bombshell), falls in love, and eventually has sex with her. But she never excites him the way porn does. And Barbara wants Jon to behave like a “real man”, one that never acts against a woman’s word. A few more minutes into the movie, he meets Esther. An older woman who lost her kid and husband, bonds well with Jon. …

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There was conflict everywhere. Cannons fired, bullets shot. The place was chaotic. Each blow was devastating. And both units didn’t seem to back off.

The fight went on for several minutes as I sat in the middle of the battlefield watching everything happening. But something shocked me. The war ended abruptly and everyone in the battlefield turned toward the right with wide-open eyes. I wondered what was there. I turned around and what I saw shocked me.

Ice-cream in shiny bowls. They were in a wide variety of colors white, pink, yellow with shiny toppings. Our lower jaws fell flat

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Welcome 2020! From fireworks to late night hangovers, we invite new year like a newborn. Their arrival delight us. We caress, care and play with them. The only difference between a newborn and a new year is that with each passing day our elation gradually subsides with the latter.

And the comparison does not end here. Just like every other baby, this one cries, shits in their pants, and requires immense care and attention. But what do we do? Many of us let 2020 clean its own poop. And has that ever worked out? Never in history.

We set up…

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Stress, the ghoulish shadow that latches onto us for eternity. It’s a goddamn soul-sucker, and it causes us a great deal of pain.

We aspire for a life free of stress. And for the 143rd time let me make it clear,

“Pain is inevitable.”

The sooner you accept this the better are your odds of improving your life. But does that mean,

Are we doomed in the world of eternal pain forever?

No, various philosophers, theorists and several other chaps have tried to make life easier by providing different strategies, philosophies to live the lives we desire. …

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